Strategic Foresight – We help nations, institutions and organizations to craft the preferred future they seek to achieve and turn them into reality. We deploy strategic intelligence tools to:

  • Preempt and shape the future by identifying the probable future, the possible futures and invent the preferred future for organizations and nations
  • Deliver analysis of key emerging events, issues and trends for nations and organizations.
  • Carry out issue management to identify risks and opportunities, and proffer actionable solution to mitigate risks and harness opportunities.
  • Carry out horizon planning, policy formulation and simulation.
  • Engage in policy analysis, evaluation and articulate the impact
  • Provide though leadership by evaluating the impact of issues, events, trends and suggest or develop the most appropriate solutions social, economic or political policy or solutions.

Strategic Interventions – We help leaders of nations and global nongovernmental organizations to articulate and execute strategic interventions that yield lasting solutions without reprisal consequences. We deploy systems dynamic tools and engage in systems thinking to

  • Unravel the root course of seemingly dire challenges in organizations and societies.
  • Proffer Solve social, economic and political challenges including – poverty and starvation, housing, healthcare, education, energy and power, insecurity, unemployment, etc.
  • Identify the critical leverage points in social systems and apply our model to spur economic growth and prosperity of nations.

Transformation Strategy – We help nations, states or provinces and local or municipal governments to develop and execute economic transformation strategy by articulating and aligning – industrial policy and development, infrastructural policy and development, trade policy and revenue generation strategies.

Organizational Effectiveness – We assist corporate organizations articulate and align their corporate purpose with their business model in order to be the leaders, the rule dictator, game changers or pacesetter in their industries.

Corporate Strategy – We help clients to engage in a deliberate search for plan of actions that will make them different in their industries and to develop such resources and core competencies that create competitive advantage. Our specific offerings include:

  • Developing and executing strategic plans and competitive strategy
  • Developing business plans and feasibility plans
  • Developing marketing strategies
  • Developing operational strategies
  • Corporate finance and risk management
  • Merges and acquisitions

Executive Coaching – We help executive officers of nations, institutions and organizations to cultivate and hone critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our executive coaching for chief executive officers, business owners and senior executive include:

  • Developing effective leadership skills - self-mastery, process mastery, human resource management and resource management
  • Developing effective management board.
  • Establishing strong and balanced corporate governance.
  • Developing effective communication and delegation skills.
  • Developing effective negotiation and conflict resolution skills.

Leadership Development - We assist nations, institutions and organizations to develop future leaders through

  • Effective succession planning.
  • Mentoring and reverse mentoring.
  • Talent management and human resource development.
  • Developing corporate culture, values and orientation for high performance.
  • Equipping managers and employee engagement.