Strategic Intelligence – We help nations, institutions and organizations to craft the preferred future they seek to achieve and turn them into reality. We deploy strategic intelligence tools to:

  • Preempt and shape the future by identifying the probable future, the possible futures and invent the preferred future for organizations and nations
  • Deliver analysis of key emerging events, issues and trends for nations and organizations.
  • Carry out issue management to identify risks and opportunities, and proffer actionable solution to mitigate risks and harness opportunities.
  • Carry out horizon planning, policy formulation and simulation.
  • Engage in policy analysis, evaluation and articulate the impact
  • Provide though leadership by evaluating the impact of issues, events, trends and suggest or develop the most appropriate solutions social, economic or political policy or solutions.

Strategic Interventions – We help leaders of nations and global nongovernmental organizations to articulate and execute strategic interventions that yield lasting solutions without reprisal consequences. We deploy systems dynamic tools and engage in systems thinking to

  • Unravel the root course of seemingly dire challenges in organizations and societies.
  • Proffer Solve social, economic and political challenges including – poverty and starvation, housing, healthcare, education, energy and power, insecurity, unemployment, etc.
  • Identify the critical leverage points in social systems and apply our model to spur economic growth and prosperity of nations.

Strategic Transformation – Articulate and align institutions or organizations’ corporate purpose with the apt business models to enable them to be the leader, the rule dictator, the game changer or pacesetter in their industries.


Analytics and IntelligenceAnalytics and Intelligence – we built and deploy predictive analytics models to analyse and synthesis data to predict outcomes and inform decision making. Analytics utilizes big data, statistical models and data visualizations tools to:

  • provide insights to solve problems and improve performance
  • implement change management
  • design horizon planning
  • design scenario planning

Artificial Intelligencewe built and deploy machine learning, machine reasoning, deep learning, natural language processing, robotics to driving business processes and performance.


We design bespoke executive coaching for individuals, organizations and institutions covering the following

  • Leadership Essentials – Purpose Generation & Regeneration, Emotional Intelligence, Effective Communication & Presentation, Talent Management, Team building & Management
  • Anticipatory Leadership - Systems Thinking, Appreciative Inquiry, Creativity & Innovation Design Thinking, Learning Organization, Effective Decision Making
  • Anticipatory Intelligence – Predictive Analytics, Security & Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Issues Management & Crisis Management.
  • Anticipatory Governance – Policy Innovation, Legislative Foresight, Institutions Resilience, Effective Board Management.
  • Financial Management – Finance for Non-financial Professional.
  • Values & Ethics – Values Creation & Regeneration.