Leverage Points for Prosperity of Nations is a leadership model that spotlights the critical leverage points to spur economic growth and prosperity of a nation. The model is a veritable tool for economic, social and political intervention that can be deployed:

  • To unlock the sources of prosperity for developing nations
  • To sustain the prosperity of economically advanced nations.
  • To shape leadership, governance and political frameworks of nations
  • For economic and social interventions that guarantees lasting solutions without reprisal consequences.
  • For public policy formulation, evaluation alignment.
  • For executing economic transformation strategies – industrial development, infrastructural development and revenue generation strategies for national, regional, state/province, and local/municipal governments. 

Leverage Points for Organizational Effectiveness – is a leadership model that spotlights the critical leverage points to dynamic competitive advantage for organizations. The model can be deployed to

  • Assess the overall organization effectiveness.
  • Cultivate and shape effective leadership and corporate governances in organizations.
  • Cultivate and shape corporate culture and values.
  • Develop learning organization and design thinking.
  • Issue Management – opportunity sensing and risk management.
  • Leader and leadership development.

The Leadership Diamond is a leadership model for developing effective leadership and coaching. The model helps leaders to:

  • Develop self-mastery – values, personality or temperament and craftmanship.
  • Develop process-mastery – systems thinking, insight, administration, protocol.
  • Human resource management – empathy, cultural intelligence, social capital, talent management, emotional intelligence.
  • Resource management – foresight capabilities and capacity to multiply wealth

Corruption Free Society Model is an anti-corruption model aimed at creating a corruption free  society. Corruption is a compound phenomenon that has spirit, soul and body. To eliminate corruption from any society, the fight against corruption would require shaping the right values, establishing systems and sound legal framework.

  • Spirit – Wrong set of values is the foundation for corruption in any society.
  • Values – Eliminating corruption requires a moral revolution towards espousing virtues of equality, meritocracy, integrity, diligence, incorruptible, excellence and abidance.
  • Soul – Weak institutions in any society bring about pervasion of systems and system failure.
  • Systems – Eliminating corruption requires strong institutions with sound policies geared towards improving government transparency, high standard of living, high literacy, standard healthcare, favourable workers’ incentives, high social mobility and efficient social system.
  • Body – Poor standard of living makes corruption and crime pervasive in any society.
  • Law – Eliminating corruption requires independent judiciary and strong legal framework, inoffensive laws and policies, effective law enforcement and professional security service, freedom of press and civic activism.